I watched the video. Then my wife and I both watched it together…

I am convinced there are things in motion that cannot be stopped, even if people wanted them stopped. Very Bad Things are coming, and I want my wife and son clear when those very bad things get here…

We decided that we need to sit down this weekend and figure out the bare minimum she and our son will need to flee the country (him being a dual national is a blessing) at a moments notice. Bare minimum means bare minimum – backpack of clothes, essentials, important paperwork, copies of important paperwork, shot records, cash, PM’s, etc. Basically cram everything you need into one medium backpack or rucksack – each – so they can drive to the nearest airport, abandon the car, buy plane tickets and blow out of here for the duration… no suitcases. Just backpacks. That’s it.

It will suck. A lot. But I know in my heart I am expendable. So long as they get clear, I have done my job. We have family and resources in Europe, so they will not have it too bad.

I just get this feeling that war – and worse – is coming. And it will take more than courage to face it…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1