LMAO @ Whirl..

I so totally don’t look like that… less.. erm… horns?

And thanks for the welcome back, you all… good to be back.

If what’s-his-name from Vikings – the guy who plays Rollo – if he had an uncle – starting to go grey – I’d look something like him.

This is Rollo… he’s younger than me, but we look similar… and I’m pretty sure Rollo doesn’t wear steel framed glasses with round lenses when he reads… yeah, I had to start wearing them a few years ago. Getting old blows chunks.. if I had enough coin, I would go get lasic surgery done…

Edit: My little brother says that when I wear my glasses, it totally changes my personality… he says I look like a guy who would have a big workshop with something like 95 cuckoo clocks on the wall, all of them set to go off at the same time… great, I’ve gone from rampaging viking to alternate reality version of Geppetto…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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