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I have pointed out this before that you are wrong on the Latinos! Are you talking about Mexicans? I live in Miami and I can tell you for a fact that there is no group of Latinos that get along. Cubans do not get along with Mexicans and many of the South Americans do not get along with each other, for example Argentinians do not like Brazilians and the Brazilians do not like the Argentinians too! Colombians some get along with Cubans but they do not like some of the South Americans.

And almost all South Americans do not like the Mexicans so as you can see it is not that simple.

Also the Latins that have had Communism in there countries have a problem with the ones that are left wing voters, for example Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians and Nicaraguans get along since they understand what it is like for there countries to have communism. Now the Brazilians, Argentinians and Bolivians are very left wing. We do not get along with the left wingers at all.

So there is a problem were there maybe a war between Latins. Tsar Alexander I think that you maybe wrong on the whites too! There are many left wing Dem white and then there are the white southern right wing groups. So it is about the same as the Latins with two groups that do not like each other.

I think that this is something that you need to tell others in your state or where you live, explain to them the two sides to the Latins. I know that my all American friends here see it very clearly since they live here. I personally only trust only my Red Neck brothers and my Cuban friends here with my life. When I was in high school my Red Neck friends would help me with everything like if they were my brothers. Many are all over the country now and still Facebook me. Many have moved to Texas and Arizona. They are always telling me to move there.

So what I am tell you and everyone here is that the Latin thing is complicated. Do not group us together because it is an insult.

Fair enough on the Latino part. I will keep that in mind for the future. Though I did state the “Big 3″ groups; I had no doubt in Areas where the Latino community is made up of multiple nations, there will be a whole sublayer of tension there as well.

As for the white people part, well, the governor of Maryland was all for immigration and amnesty until the moment the immigrants started hitting *his* state, and now all of a sudden he is opposed (at least to immigrants to his state). Granted I think there are a few hardcore liberals really dumb enough to run into the bayonets when the time comes, I think most people will get the message when the bullets start flying, and the federal system collapses.