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Oh my gosh – what I forgot Freedom and Matt and 74!

Well, Freedom in my mind is dark haired (maybe just a touch re-ceeding), brown eyes, friendly, open face, about 5’10, average build. He probably wears black loafer type shoes (slip ons), a nice watch, polo shirts, and khakis. And Freedom the one poster I am going to attach below I mean to make you laugh only!

Matt? Hmmm…not as clear a sense but sandy brown hair, 5’11, maybe 6′, fit but slenderish, smiles easily. A boyscout troop leader-ish kind of guy (the good kind! haha)?

74? Wow now that is a tough one. Average height, brown hair, glasses (at least for reading), probably likes flannel shirts in fall and winter. Couldn’t find the right picture….will keep looking! And 74? I would never wear shorts – ticks! Oh, and I usually use an English saddle but I used to be able to rope a steer. Way oughta practice now!

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