Partially right…

Tall, yeah. I hit the weight pile pretty hard when I was younger, so broad shoulders, thick arms, etc. Remember what my wife and son call me to tease me? Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Wookie. Stoic the Vast. My wife also calls me something in German that translates to “Grumbling Bear”…

Sorry about the clean cut thing, but alas.. No. Full beard and long hair. A braided ponytail, in point of fact. Dark brown hair with some grey. My best friend Matt calls me “a decoy hippie”. (I grow it long in homage to the Cavalry troopers of the Old West. In other words, don’t like my hair? Well, here I am. Come and take it. If you can. :) )

Not hazel eyes. Bright green. Apparently, I have what was described once as “a fierce countenance”. A friend of mine named Gene (whom I met in Germany) and I were talking once – the “get to know you” talk – and he said

Gene: “Hey. You’re actually a nice guy!”
Me (surprised): “Well, why wouldn’t I be?”
Gene: “I dunno dude. First time I met you, I thought you were gonna break into my room and kill me in my sleep.”
Me: “Why would you think that?”
Gene: “Dude. Have you looked in a mirror lately?”

I have since tried to soften that up some and not appear so snarly… don’t want people thinking I’m going to sack a monastery or anything…

Casual dress – you nailed it. Pair of beat up jeans, boots, plain cotton work shirt. Comfy clothing, usually rumply. (But I can totally rock a nice suit if you force me to wear one… at gunpoint.)

Now my turn to describe you, twee…

Older lady, but not old. Auburn hair cut short. Maybe slightly curly – a practical style. Low maintenance hair. I don’t see you as a high-maintenance female. You’d rather go for a “wash and go” hairstyle than anything. Blue eyes and laugh lines, but also an obvious intelligence is there. I think you’re probably quick to smile and laugh…

Medium height for a female, maybe 5’6″ or 5’8″. You keep yourself trim.

Conservative dress, but not severe. Don’t think you would ever wear a t-shirt with anything printed on it. No fingernail polish and little to no makeup. Not because you don’t like it, but because you don’t need it.

You’re a dog person, not a cat person, I think…

That’s all I got..

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1