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Anselm – thanks for the informative response. Well, although I’m definitely a gun-toting rural crowd animal murderer – I am respectful of other ways of living and try to learn from them also. Definitely understand making due with what you’ve got on hand – it would really be silly not to.

I can’t say honestly that I’d ever choose to live in a city although I’ve been in or near them for my whole military career. I just feel too cramped and I think the huge flux of people is not a benefit to any SHTF scenario. At least not in America. I heard stories of complete cooperation out of the Fukushima tsunami and I believe that, but the Japanese are not Americans. I spent 10 years total over there. We’re not orderly and subservient like they are – and we have attitudes. In any case, I don’t discount those in the cities that have spent their lives making things work, despite their surroundings and have respect for anyone that can work with their hands and create or replicate things that make our lives easier or heal their fellow man. The problem is the bulk of people that don’t follow that mantra and basically live off the backs of those who do – not talking about welfare, although that is part of it. Talking about people who would become immediate leeches because they have not learned any responsibility for themselves or their families. Add the criminal element and IMHO it’s a recipe for disaster. You guys can’t support them all. On the flip side in the rural areas almost everyone knows how to drive it, fix it, create it, repurpose it and barter it just because of the nature of the necessity to be more self reliant. And you know your neighbors because you probably helped them out at one time, not just met at the mailbox or taking out the trash. I know it won’t be easy but so did Dick Proenneke when he was 50 and all alone. If it were my choice alone, my only job would be self sufficiency – if the Kilchers can do it in AK, so can I.

Being a vegetarian isn’t something I look down on at all – I’ve done it on occasion to drop a few pounds, but it’s not something I’d follow exclusively. But that’s just me. Not sure how you can murder an animal as they have no thoughts or reasoning – to me it’s the same as killing a plant or a bug, they’re all alive. However, I still respect your perspective on it as it works for you and that’s all that counts.

I look at life as an opportunity to learn something at every turn so the only thing I’m surprised about is that you’ve got the courage to go to school with all the youngsters. I would have thought you’d prefer to learn online or from a book. IF the younsters listen, they may even learn something from someone other than the professor! I agree, I don’t think that we will lose electricity for too long even if the grids go down. With all the wind and solar energy out there and growing daily I think we will always have some power so we agree on that.

I’ve got Mr. Forstchen’s book on my list, but I hadn’t heard of the Hickory Hollow one so thanks for the suggestion. Great article by Mr. Whitehead also – he really hit the nail on the head. I didn’t see one thing that I disagreed with. Might have to add his book to my list too.

Anyway, great discussion – glad that you can still type out your thoughts and I thank you for doing so. Typing 101 in 1982; the most useful high school class I ever took!

Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.
- Thomas Paine