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Tsar Alexander

I think this is another illustration of America slowly inching to a race war. You will have the “big 3″ in most areas:

Whites, coupled with extremist organizations, sheriffs, militiamen, ethnic organized crime (Russian mafia, Italian mob, etc) all melding together into a single new power structure.

Blacks, and their local politicians and organized crime.

Latinos, and their attending social structures.

This is not to mention even more complex local dynamics involving groups like Arabs, Asians, and Native Americans, to name a few.

Somewhere in this stew of upcoming violence will be the federal government. It will likely fail miserably in keeping order, as the “rainbow coalition” of the left is a house divided against itself.

Out goes the idea of “the state,” and in comes the idea of city states, confederations, mafia’s, militia’s, and communes.

This stuff is like a vortex, and initially “moderate” people of all persuasions will eventually be forced by circumstance to adopt extremist positions. It will be a sad day in America.