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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Robin wrote:</div>“TV has only one usefulness. Sometimes, the images it projects give the lie to what the broadcaster is saying. For example, years ago, we had a barrage of babble about the starvation of the Somali people, the utter lack of food in that wretched country. BUT the film we were shown had strong, very muscular Somali men right in the foreground. So it was all a lie. There was food, but those thugs were keeping it for themselves. It was the women and children who starved; the men had plenty. If you observe, you catch those things.”<br>
Anselm, I was in Mogadishu from Jan. to June in 1995. Part of an UN operation called United Shield. We were tasked with bringing out all the UN equipment and people.<br>
Two Warlords ran the country, Adeid and Morgan. In the late 1980′s/early 1990′s NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) would send people and food. The Somali clans had been fighting for years. It then boiled down to Morgan and Adeid. They controlled the people by controlling the food. UN went into Somali in 1992 and gave the government 3 years to get their act together. Place is still screwed up!<br>
Some things from that time still screw with my head.<br>
The healthy people from that time were being fed by the two Warlords so the dark comparison between the haves and have nots.<br>

Thank you, Robin. I am well acquainted with Somalis because I used to work with them in Saudi Arabia. They were mostly good people, and I came to feel personally the anguish of their nation. Did your experience in Mogadishu show you anything that would be sort of applicable to a catastrophe in the U.S. today?