<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>Whirlibird I agree it is just we have a mix population who know which way it may go. In other countries that is not a world wide population like here. That is the first problem I see and the other is there is no country on earth with a constitution like our constitution which we have a lot of rights and freedoms.

I hope you are right and we end up with just a collapse with smaller problems.

I hope I’m wrong and nothing happens.

The mixed populace is dependent on your area, even in the US.

Around here, there isn’t much mix to say the least.
Although, we’d welcome a freedom loving Cuban.

In your area, the situation is completely different.
The diversity is great, the political variety and such are completely backwards from here.

Things that happen there are completely different than what may happen here.
For various reasons.

Be it religious reasons, ethnic reasons, common ‘situational’ reasons, who knows, but I expect a great deal of difference out of my neighbors than yours. That and I know that all of my neighbors prep for one reason or another.
(Heavily LDS area @50%+)

I think a lot of what FerFAL was relating was that so many preppers are prepping/planning for the wrong reasons/situations.
All those guys who are going to head for the hills, dragging their INCH bag along with a G19, molle plate carrier, gear and an AK. Planning to make their way with a ferro rod, some snare wire and no practice/knowledge. But is that the right decision both for what you can survive and the situation at hand?

Economic collapse, slow burn: I’m staying home.
I have a better chance of surviving and do so comfortably where all my gear and such are.
On foot, I’m not a survivor, I’m a refugee.

Radical, mass SHTF situation, unless it’s effecting my home immediately, I’m still staying home.
Again, I have a better chance of surviving and do so comfortably where all my gear and such are.
Where I am, there’s little chance of gang wars to say the least, so I’m not prepping heavily for that sort of occurrence. Where you are, that’s another matter.

Evaluate what may happen accordingly and make your plans/preps fit those needs.
Don’t just prep to be prepping, prep with a plan, knowledge and a vision of the future.

Don’t prep and fail to live, failing to pay for your house, failing to live a ‘normal’ life with the kids and dogs and such.
Unless you are independently wealthy, one has to consider work and what it does to you/for you. Etc.

It makes no sense for a prepper in deepest darkest Miami to prep for mountain living.
Same for a prepper in Wyoming, the need for a sailboat is minimal unless you live near the Flaming Gorge, and even then a small motor boat makes more sense.

For example:
There was a time I lived near water, I kept a boat available.
I could feed myself and my family with what I could get with that little boat.
Here and now, I can’t even kayak the river in town 99.9% of the time.
It makes no sense to waste time, money and effort worrying about boats and such.