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Whirli I don’t believe they are Damascus, no visible swirls or patters, of course that is only visible if there was an acid treatment used during finishing. Based on what I can find from the serial number it was manufactured around 1919 and I did not see any notes about this model being produced with Damascus barrels.
I have been surprised at how hard it is to find low brass shells for this thing. Guess you never notice stuff like that until you actually look for it. I did find one box the other day and bought it. Couldn’t wait to shoot it. It is interesting to feel the difference in felt recoil and muzzle jump based on stock design when you compare old and modern. Muzzle jump was a little surprise since there isn’t much real estate to place your support hand without wrapping around the barrels lol .I am trying to avoid to much skin contact with the metal as I can. My great grandfather took immaculate care of this gun and I would like to preserve its beauty as long as possible.