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Whirlibird and MountainBiker, you are both right. In the reply I sent a while ago to Novus Ordo in the Introduction and Prepper Profile section, I mentioned very able people I know in my city who will handle any probable problem. However, there are plenty of the other kind of people.

I only found out last month that, in our neighborhood, there are a bunch of YOUNG folks who, literally, do not know how to replace a flat tyre. I did not know such a breed existed. I mean, in this country, guys are born with a steering wheel between their hands. Yet, some yuppies in the neighborhood don’t have the foggiest notion how their car jacks work.

No, I don’t expect them to vote. Or confront lying politicians or abusive cops. Or dig for water.

However, they can be taught. If SHTF for real, I think they can be instructed. They just haven’t needed it up to now.

One big culprit is television. I am referring specifically to this: TV has created disorder in the American mind by broadcasting its serials out of sequence.

Think about that very slowly. You have watched episode 8 of series X, and then you are treated to episode 11, then to episode 8 again, and then to 13, 10 and 9, in that order. This disorder has been applied systematically for years, and no one has protested. Had there been an avalanche of public protests coupled with threats of leaving that channel for good, this outrage would have stopped. But the public let it slide and lost its own ability to think in an orderly way. The result is that there is now chaos in the American mind.

I have not owned a TV for years. As a result, I do not speak in the one-liners which are typical of its dialogues and which are not a normal way for humans to communicate. And, because I do not speak “televisionese”, I find it much easier to control an abusive cop in an encounter. He is used to the TV language and, therefore, knows beforehand all that his victim is going to say, as well as what to reply so as to establish control over the victim. By speaking actual English, I have managed so far (knock hard on wood) to disconcert him.

To survive the police state, especially in an urban environment, one essential is to never, ever watch television.

TV has only one usefulness. Sometimes, the images it projects give the lie to what the broadcaster is saying. For example, years ago, we had a barrage of babble about the starvation of the Somali people, the utter lack of food in that wretched country. BUT the film we were shown had strong, very muscular Somali men right in the foreground. So it was all a lie. There was food, but those thugs were keeping it for themselves. It was the women and children who starved; the men had plenty. If you observe, you catch those things.

The fluoride in the water is probably at fault also. It’s supposed to fry the creative part of the brain. I vote for distillation — and, yes, adding salt. Which reminds me, I hope that you all have a good supply of salt of different kinds; sea salt does not have much iodine; you need sea salt and iodized. I hear that there is an epidemic of iodine deficiency in this country. And, if the thyroid fails, that too will make people lethargic.

Add our vaccines, which contain mercury, aluminum, barium, acetone, formaldehyde and ten other poisons, and we live in quite a cocktail …