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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Novus Ordo wrote:</div>Hello Everyone – I go by K in similar circles. Late 40′s – Male. Finishing up 30 year career as one of Uncle Sam’s Miscreant Collaborators so currently being taxed to death in So-Cal, last duty station. Planning my escape to the American Redoubt as soon as finances permit. Hope to secure a few acres as a BOL and eventually move there full time.

Grew up rural so was steeped in the outdoors since the beginning. Military service just complimented and honed these skills. Started prepping for real last decade due to worldwide events.

Preparing for all scenarios – would hate to discount any of them; Murphy’s Law says that’s the one that will happen if you do so. I enjoy learning the tools and techniques of yesteryear that can be depended upon in many SHTF situations. Also enjoy teaching, discussing and bringing “SHTF deniers” to the fold so they have half a chance of not being dependent when the time comes.

Having all the major bases covered as much as possible, whether a bug-in or bug-out scenario and having enough to cover errant family or close friends as necssary is what matters to me.

I’m a huge fan of America’s “founding fathers” – with Thomas Paine holding a special spot.

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

The last question about “30 seconds left to live, what do you do/say?” was interesting, but I believe unanswerable until your time comes.

Anyway, Selco and Jay – great job on the site; appreciate all the hard work. I look forward to learning much more and maybe contributing a bit now and again.

Semper Fi, K

Just after replying to your greeting, I looked here to make sure I knew who you were, and I have this to comment.

First, congratulations on picking Thomas Paine; he was in a class of his own.

Second, beware of moving to the American Redoubt:
— You will have horrible winters and, if forced to flee, it will be very easy to track you in the snow.
— The Japanese Pine Beetle, sprayed by the Government over a gigantic expanse in 2004, has massacred those trees from Mexico to British Columbia, so you no longer have forests but graveyards of trees. Those pine corpses fall on you every time there’s a strong wind. If you insist on going, stick to areas of spruce and fir.
— Aspens are also under attack now by a beetle of their own. It’s obvious that our masters do not want us there.
— Ranchers are being forbidden to graze their cattle on the range, so herds have to get smaller and smaller.
— Under the guise of Nature Conservancy or some such bullshit, increasingly strong pressure will be brought to bear on people to get out of there.
— Because the good guys have massed there, they are a perfect target.
— The Army has placed materiel at a point in northern Colorado from which it can easily deploy it over Colorado or Wyoming. I think someone told me that there was an identical depot either in Idaho or by its border in a neighboring state. As they only need to fly the soldiers in, they can do a lightning strike at their leisure.

For those reasons, and others I could put in, I recommend that you rethink whether you really want to go there. One way or another, our lords WILL shove most people east of the Mississippi. At the same time, there are many folks in the Appalachians who are resourceful as heck; and the climate is much more benign.

Anyway, wherever you finally choose to go, have the best of luck.