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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Novus Ordo wrote:</div>Anselm – here’s my official welcome, although I see that you’ve already made quite an impact here – ha, ha! Don’t be scared off by some of the more boisterous members… Methuselah’s cousin, I like that – I guess that means your my elder by quite a bit. Well, I was raised to respect and listen to those who were so I look forward to your continued input.

Semper Fi, K

Thank you very much, Novus Ordo, that’s very kind of you. I was brought up the same way.

Regarding that stuff … I usually ignore it. As I’ve been able to handle both the Communist Party and American police, the insults here are pretty much chicken feed.

My main point is that we have to work with what we’ve got and that we mustn’t be lemmings.

Note the second proverb I quoted. I tried to say that we must plow with these oxen because we have no others. So, if you’re in the boonies, you go with what is there, and, if you’re in the city, you go with IT. People forget that rurals originally moved to the city because life out there was so hard. If you check with old-timers, you may discover that the average lifespan of the backwoodsman was 35 years. There were two reasons for this. The ones who died within their first year were killed by malnutrition; they ate only meat, and that’s just not enough. The ones who died later were killed by the stress of having to do everything themselves.

At the same time, I’ve done fine growing veggies in the city. I am vegetarian and have no problem with Elijah’s very old joke that calls us incompetent hunters; I tell it myself. But the fact remains that, as I eat everything from seaweed to pine bark, I have it much easier to stay alive than those who ridicule us nonstop. Do they realize that, once they have murdered all the wildlife — a month or two maximum — they too will have to become vegetarian? Oh horror of horrors … And, if they see that YOU have livestock, they will try to murder it too.

We city people are not the useless nincompoops that the gun-brandishing rural crowd make us out to be. I myself am the first member of my family to have been born in the city; my grandfather was a superb farmer (and medical doctor, and chemist). My Mexican and American friends in town are excellent mechanics who themselves were brought up on farms; and my black friends have every mechanical skill conceivable and have built their own houses. Also, everybody knows how to fight. Some are veterans of the Mexican Army, some of the American, and everyone has done streetfighting. So, in town or away from it, I’m sure we’ll manage.

It may amuse you that, in a month, I’ll be back in school as a student. Yes, the oldest person there, with thoroughly white hair, older than any of the teachers. I’ll be upgrading machine shop skills. Although I’ve used manual tools up to now, it’s a lot easier on ancient hands to go electric. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I don’t expect everything to go down. Short of World War III, I presume we’ll have electricity. And, if we don’t, well, manual it is; I’ll just work more slowly.

Incidentally, if all does go down, I can’t recommend enough the novel “The World Ends at Hickory Hollow” by that intelligent woman, Ardath Mayhar, who was obviously a homesteader herself. The book is not exactly out of print; if you order it through any bookstore, it will be printed for you on the spot; it’s in the publisher’s computer, ready to go on demand. The work gives you an excellent blueprint on how to reorganize, deal with bandits and rebuild.

And, along the same line, you have the current “One Second After”, by William Forstchen.

Still, where we are at present is here: https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/what_i_dont_like_about_life_in_the_american_police_state
I haven’t read a more brilliant exposition of the problem.

And it is through this that we must plow with what oxen we have.

Again, thank you for your kind greeting.