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About my family. My Grandfather on my Fathers side owned in Cuba an Electrical manufacture, they would make copper wire, steel boxes and everything to wire a house or buildings, my father was part owner. My father had a large house, new cars, lived high middle class. Well when Castro got in power the military came to my fathers house and my Grandfathers house and told us that in the next two to three months they would bring other families to live in our houses too and that we could have one of the rooms in the house. Oh and that we didn’t own the houses anymore. The houses where owned now by the government. So that was 1961, my father left first to the U. S. with a visa, by 1962 he was able to bring my mother and I with visas.

We lost everything, communism didn’t even let my mother bring her wedding ring, she left it with a sister. My father was only aloud to bring $3. We never collected any food stamps, what the U. S. did for us was they were giving us two bags of food every two weeks till my father found a job.

On of my family member spend 28 years in jail because he would go out in the streets to protest the government,
he came in 1980. He showed me his ribs and they are all broken sticking out. He told me some of the stories of his 28 years in jail and what they would do to him. They would take his cloths in the winter and hose him down leaving him wet and cold. When they wanted to feed him rice and some beans but those where the good days, sometimes it was only bread and water. They would line him up with other political prisoners with the guards
and about twenty feet away they would bring in children from the school any tell the children look this is what happens to political prisoners and the guards would start to beat them bloody, break the bones and then throw them back in there cells with no doctors to help them. This is why his ribs stick out. This is just one of my family member, there are more like him and one that dead.

So please understand that when anyone talks good about communism my blood gets hot, I do not hold back, I will go at them with very thing I have. Communism took my childhood away from me, I never got to see my Grandparents, so every child in school had a grand mother or grandfather and I didn’t. Communism is a bad word, it’s a crime. Just like Selco they gave what they called the booklet. Full of lies.

Many here know communism is bad but only Selco and I really know what it is all about.