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Collapsing in a heap very shortly at the end of the day! What I did today:
– harvested 270 pounds of 3 potato varieties
– harvested 30 pounds of tomato
– harvested 2 -50 ft rows of beans, same of squash/cukes (didn’t weigh yet)
– harvested 1/2 row of carrots and lettuce
– winnowed 25 acres of hay – no rain expected next few days – then baling
– just finished splitting 2 cords of wood with wood splitter (too tired to stack)
– worked with the draft/cross and cart for an hour
– watched my great-nephew for his mother for a while

Time for BIG salad and a big, fat steak (raised on my place)
Tomorrow I use my scythe and harvest my big patch of soy beans…and more. Doesn’t stop this time of year.