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because this thread talking about communism
i ever wonder why communist activist so much hate to us religious people
yup… because we offering people “hope”
that someday ( in afterlife ), we will get justice from God
punished in hell / naar / neraka…
if we doing wrong
rewarded by heaven / jannah / surga…
if we doing good
they don’t like that idea
because what they want are instant gratification
it doesn’t matter to rob other people wealth
or stole other people wive
or rape other people daughter for fun
ever heard about communist people eat human infant / fetus soup ?
( first time i heard and look a picture in seminar about it…
i cannot believe my own eye )
but after checking it myself in internet …
it seems not hoax or just rumor
there are many-many of them… especially in china
where one child policy are mandated by law