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want to know funny thing about so called “ism” ?
first paganism
doing wrong by “killing” as much as jew as possible
conspire to kill Jesus ( Yesua, Esau, Isa )
but than declared Jesus as God in Nicea Council
and declared catholics as the religion of romans
doing wrong by “slaughtering” 500 million christian
call them heretics for an excuse
but later declared “forgiveness” and “peace”
killing jew, christian, moslem, hindu, budha and all religious people
estimated 100 million dead in europe, russia, asia, etc
than make an excuse that they doing good for equalizing people’s wealth
their famous jargon are “get rid that greedy rich”… we have the same right
aha… i also… mentioning liberalism… to be fair
invading vietnam, iraq, korea, asia, iraq, afghanistan, etc
call them terrorist, rebel, inlander, etc
making an excuse for doing good ( while killing innocent people including woman and child )
“spreading the liberty, freedom and prosperity”
and declared a “peace” after soo many destruction and death
that’s why every time the same people offering “peace”
i just hope the worst not come to us