Mr. Red
Mr. Red

“I am not about DICTATORSHIP!! I am about FREEDOM!! So if someone post anything about how beautiful communism is in any post I am going to give them my mind!! Sorry if you do not like it. ”

Then send them a message instead of derailing a topic that’s not about it. That way we don’t have to dig through every post to find useful information. It’s like tuning to a classic rock station on the radio, and instead of classic rock you hear some justin bieber crap. It’s simple enough to just send them a personal message and give them your opinions than overload a thread with useless banter. That’s the kind of stuff that turns people away from forums, and I’ve watched many turn into a place that no one wants to visit, let alone try to add useful information. I’d hate to see this page go the same route.

So please guys, if you have a problem with what someone else says on here, give them a PM and sort it out in that manner. Doing so will keep the forum much cleaner (so to speak), and generally easier to navigate. I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers here, just trying to help out with the forum and to assist in its growth.

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