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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Novus Ordo wrote:</div>Well, this topic took quite a few turns, but despite all of the passionate discussions I still found that there were things to learn and appreciate all who have participated.

Anselm – concerning your last and the IRS “knowing” where someone buried his cash (paper?) and the cave mapping; any links to these stories or similar? I have one for you – IF the gubmint was/is so omniscient why didn’t they find this? I’m sure that they would have committed unnatural acts to get their hands on this before this couple did, wouldn’t you? Yet no IRS agents strolling the trail with shovels…


Not doubting what you have to say – but need a bit more “proof”.

On the subject of armed people standing up – it’s happened and happens on a daily basis. The NRA publishes stories of armed resistance on a monthly basis. Need something bigger? Here’s one – all it takes is a big enough trigger.


Anyway, great points on seeking out other cultures for urban survival ideas. Not sure I’d go into snake powder production hoping to live to 100, but I’d try it at least once!

Novus Ordo, the satellites with the fabulous cameras don’t belong to the IRS specifically; they belong to the highest level of Government. That group will notify the IRS if it wants to, or keep mum. I can not give you the identity of the unfortunate man who got robbed because it was in this area, and I absolutely don’t want to cause the poor guy more problems; nor myself; I only mentioned the case because I knew it personally, and it scared the heck out of me. You’re right that the IRS would give anything to get its clutches on a stash like that found by the happy couple — and who says they haven’t; how did that story end? — but the higher Government might not want the IRS to get it. In the many years that the “high club” has scanned the U.S., I’m sure they’ve seen what’s hidden in every square foot of land; and that most of the valuable stuff — for example, Confederate gold — they’ve left right where it is. There it is safe for them. They don’t need it for now. They’ll dig it up when they need it.

I have seen stories like the one you point out, and those stories have always been in England. Some lucky man finds a Celtic or Anglo-Saxon treasure in his backyard or in a field … and then ruins it by notifying the authorities, who proceed to confiscate it. About each couple of years, something like that pops up in the English press. What we don’t know is how many smarter English guys find a tiny bit of something sticking out, wait till night to dig it up and then keep their mouth shut about it …

Here is one: http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/09/24/staffordshire.uk.gold.hoard/

As to that post about wonderful things to be learned from other peoples, I have just added five more items. The one about the sheets of gauze to catch water in the air is crucial; such wide sheets can be bought in this country on EBay; and they are made in China, of real cotton.

I found you a text that mentions several methods to collect water from fog and dew:


There, they mention that the Chinese prefer spider silk.

And here is another: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fog_collection
Here they say “canvas”. The Argentinians who told me about it said “gauze”. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know which would work better.

Thank you for the Battle of Athens text. I did not know it, and it was heartwarming to read. Yet, I do not see anything like that today. In U.S. history, there have been small attempts, like the proclamation of the State of Franklin way before the Civil War, in which there have been small moments of defiance, but nothing has been done on a steady basis nor that has gained anything positive since the Civil War. The most appalling incident, in my opinion, was the cavalry charge against the World War I veterans in Washington, D.C. in 1932; there should really have been a national uprising.