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I get what you mean and you have a very good point. I’d definately prefer a good bow when it comes to hunting, or more obviously a good hunting rifle but the slingshot would be a nice piece of kit in my bag to complement the traps I would set to try to get meat in an emergency situation. The small size and the light weight of it plays a big role and the potential meat-getting-capacity alone wouldn’t be enough for me to include it if it was heavy or too big. It would also be easier to fix up or find spare parts to a slingshot, it’s easier to find ammo and so on.

And a good bug out location like a self sufficient farm with solar and wind power, outdoor permaculture in the spring and during the summer, indoor hydroponics system during the winter, animals and all that would obviously be the best kind of living. Not only in a SHTF-scenario but probably for living as a human on this planet regardless, of the health state of the economic system. Sadly, this is hard to achieve around here, and it’s expensive. Living off grid is not really something they encourage you to do. For the moment I have to prep my kit for escape and evasion.

"Certainly We have created man to struggle" - Qur'an 90:4