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I don’t mind people talking about other slingshot related things in here aswell, I leave it for the admin guys to decide what’s what :)

Novus Ordo:
About the MRE’s. I’ve eaten my fair share of US military issue MRE’s and I like them. I didn’t mean to discredit them in anyway, I just don’t see the point in including that kind of food items in my BOB since I don’t really prep for a 72 hour bug out scenario. Also, as a European I get naturally suspicious if things are packed in too many layers of plastic and boxes, but then again, 20 years is kinda impressive… Also, thanks for the input. I will definately consider plastic zip ties, I don’t think they need anymore really. It’s not like they slip and almost come off every time you draw but you still notice movement of the tube and I don’t like that.

When it comes to bands and elastics, I think rubber strips cut from bicycle tubes will work fine for some models and definately for improvised slingshots made from Y-shaped branches and so on. In an emergency situation I guess you could salvage usable rubber from countless sources found within a modern city, or even from a farm or other structures in rural areas. I’d personally look for latex exercise bands, there’s both flat ones and tubes and I guess tubes would be best for the kind of slingshot I have now (the Black Widow mentioned above) and flat ones for something like the HTS or a home made one.

If you look for bands now, before SHTF, there’s this guy, Martin Hird, who puts together solid and complete sets of slingshot bands with pouches and sells them on eBay. You can get regular tubes and complete setups from him but he also carries setups made from flat double or triple layer Thera-Bands and so on.

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