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ronym, All I can say to you is that it will never end. This is thousands of years old war. On til the two sides agree to stop there will never be an end. All the middle east is a war, all the middle east has problems. It is not only the Palestinians, it’s Iraq war, Iran, Syria’s war. No one gets along in the middle east. Also the middle east doesn’t like Israel but they know that the Jews have been there just as long as they have been.

I am saying that for every story you post against Israel there are the same amount against the Palestinians so the two sides need to find and agreement or there will be war that will never end. War is not pretty, many will get killed.

I have never seen a good war. ronym I am 56 years old and have seen this same war many times. Hamas wants to kill Israel and Israel will not let that happen. Old religious war. Even Muslim in Iraq are at war with each other.

I personally do not see an end to it.