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what israel does are like British empire does to aborigin ( native people of australia )
or early settlement of British Empire does to Indians ( native people of America )
what israel does are “invading” palestinian teritory and people in 1940 ‘s
of course by “slaughtering” it men, women, child and thousand palestinian, arab, christian arab, etc
so this war are not “provoke” by palestinian 10 years ago
but provoke by israel many-many years ago
why it is matter ?
because American people always proud of their “independence” from British Empire
yup… every nation and people have right to live a life in peace
not disturbing by other forces who have superiority
every day threatening by gun, flying helicopter
life like in prison ( no food, no running water, no electricity, etc )
israel destroying their own house in their own land
( if you dont belive me… just ask Rachael Corie’s friend why israel’s crush her by bulldozer )

so anybody who says palestinian people are provoking israel
he is right ( it is palestinian who provoke israel )…
but he is wrong because of not knowing the history
( why palestinian people “provoke” israel ? )
it’s like indians or aborigin people “provoke” British Troop to going combat
because of yesterday they slaughter its family and friend in their own land