Mountain Biker,

That’s because we all have our personal scenarios.

Selco has his war
FeeFAL has his economic crisis
And so on.

We each prep and speak of the scenario that we have experienced, plan for or have nightmares about. Getting outside that bubble is difficult for many.

I’m not saying that anybody is wrong, but god help us if someone is right.

Since there is no definitive SHTF, it may last a week or two (hurricane), it may last a couple of years (depression), or may last an extended time (Carrington effect).
It may be as simple as being laid off from work for a year. Its a personal SHTF, but no less serious for those involved.

Me, I plan to put back enough food and supplies for at least 6 months again. Ammo? I have enough as long as I’m not getting into gunfights every day.

Around here, the two real threats are economic and weather related. Everything else is just playing the what-if game.