Mary, Mother of Jesus speaks
to the World about the Path To Peace

July 6, 2014
1. The Beginning Words

Is there no path to peace? All the exits from war and terrorism seem to be blocked. No safe haven exists. All can be set ablaze. Some would say, “The heavenly Father would never allow this to happen”, as if relief comes without any efforts or that the sins of mankind which have created this situation can be instantly removed.
Certainly, a path to peace exists and I will explain the steps which must be taken. However, I warn you that many will ignore my words (as if they are not from heaven). Others will not think they need my words (as if the world will just continue to be safe). Others will believe that mankind can find its own way to peace (as if mankind has no responsibility for what has happened). Others will hear my words and postpone taking these steps (as if the dangers are far away and will not happen in their lifetime).
Only some will rejoice, knowing that there is a path to peace and the beginning steps (Yes, I will reveal only the beginning steps.) are within their reach. I speak for the benefit of these good people whose hearts are already fixed upon me.

July 7, 2014
2. A Blocked Path to Peace

The path to peace is hidden from your eyes and the words that I will speak will seem like foolishness to many. Even those who love me will not understand them fully. Yet, I must speak now so that the words are recorded. Later, as the events begin, people can return to these words as firm guidelines to peace.
The problems of gaining world peace are quite new and different because a new reality has emerged – worldwide terrorism. Formerly, the various groups could be brought together to resolve a conflict peacefully, in the interest of both sides. Terrorists have absolutely no interest in peace. Their very name reveals their goals – to spread terror. They exist for war and destruction. Therefore, the usual path to peace is blocked and, really, does not exist.
Formerly, an aggressor was met with force and, as the force increased, the aggressor could be led to the bargaining table. But this method is not effective with terrorists. They are not a nation with national interests. They have no citizens to feed, and no children to protect. Their eyes are always upon what they can destroy, not what they need to protect. These are the difficulties in finding a path to peace.

July 08
3. Understanding the Evil of Terrorism
Regarding terrorism, world leaders are in great confusion about the path to peace. They do not understand the way the terrorists are joined together or the internal forces that suddenly explode into external acts.
Terrorism is like cancer. The number of cells is so few compared to the entire body, but the cells are so joined in their evil power that they can destroy the body.
Terrorists are not joined in seeking good for their members. They look outward at what exists and they plot to destroy. They are willing to postpone satisfaction and even, in some cases, to offer their own lives to destroy.
In these circumstances, the path to peace is not clear. I must outline the steps because they are not self-evident. My steps are different. They speak of a different world. They speak of faith, of God’s help, and of a new charity. Many will say that these steps are ineffective, but remember that I am outlining only the beginning steps to peace, the foundations that need to be restored. Terrorism feeds upon sins especially the sins of those who are fighting terrorism.
I ask the world leaders, “Are you ready to begin with your own sins?” If not, you cannot walk any path to peace.
Comment: She reveals what is different in the terrorist threat and where the path to peace begins – by acknowledging our own sins.

July 09
4. The Few Who Control the World

In seeking their own interests, people act immediately, but when thinking of others, action is postponed. Tomorrow seems acceptable. However, the time is short and the first step to peace is to pay attention to the great discrepancies between rich and poor.
I now cast my eyes to the greatest and to the most powerful evil in the world of economics. The entire world financial markets lie in the hands of a powerful few. For decades, they have tilted the world. Their money always increases because they control the rules and the regulations. Even elected leaders of great nations come under their control, unable to act without their consent.
From these few people come every kind of evil. They control world events for their own financial interests. They begin wars, destabilize legitimate governments and fund countless hidden, covert operations. These few people who control the finances of the world are the main obstacle to world peace. They want to bring about a one world order where their power is supreme. However, their fortress is not impregnable. There is a path to removing them from power.
Comment: Control of the world’s money lies in the hands of a small group of unbelievably wealthy and powerful people. They are the main obstacle to world peace.

July 10
5. The Terrorism of Abortion

I take you quickly into the very center of the darkness which has come over America, the great darkness of abortion. O foolish America, you build walls against terrorism while your own terrorists kill the unborn.
A darkness has been forced upon America, a darkness accepted and even canonized by your Supreme Court. A darkness that says a mother can kill her unborn son or daughter. I will say this clearly, “As long as you do not protect the unborn from your own terrorism, I will not protect you”. You have brought this evil upon yourself. You have opened the heart of America to the greatest darkness.
There is a path to peace but you have no desire to walk it. Even so, I will raise up a new stream of life. I want political leaders to protect all the unborn without any compromise (as if some unborn are less worthy of life than others). I make this truth so clear. Protect all of your unborn and I will protect you. Abandon the unborn and I will abandon you. Why should I protect you from terrorism when you allow terrorism to go unchecked in your abortion clinics? I outline the path to peace but who wants to walk that path?
Comment: Almost no one sees the connection between abortion and God taking away his protection over America.
(Comments by Msgr. John Esseff, Spiritual Director to the person receiving these messages)