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I don’t mean to suggest the entire gun-owning population will stand up to the threat–many will rightfully fear for their families, and be justifiably afraid of the superior firepower, but not all. There will–I strongly suspect–be millions of combat veterans, accomplished hunters and hard core recreational shooters that will engage, if not directly, in a hit and run type of attack as the Viet Cong, Arab Terrorists and even American Indians in the early days of America. As far as the ability of TPTB to “see” underground such a tiny cache is in serious doubt–they couldn’t find a jumbo jet that was beeping for a month before they finally gave up searching–and they knew the general area in which it would be found, as it could only go so far with the fuel on board. I’m reminded of the stories of the camera that could photograph “Russian license plates” we kept hearing about in the 1980’s. So where is that camera now? Why isn’t it still in use? We know that it isn’t because of the poor resolution of so many satellite photos. The camera and lens don’t exist. It was another govt lie to fool the Russians. I’m suspicious of any of the “secret” weapons of which we all hear, but never see. It seems like the same sort of disinformation used in the 1980’s to scare the Russians now being used to scare us into NOT resisting. MAYBE they have weapons that work in the lab, or under controlled conditions, but I’m skeptical even of that. They’ve suggested for years they have a “microwave” weapon that can cook crowds of people. Where did they test it? How do they even know it works anywhere but on a computer screen? If videos do appear of these weapons, how do we know it (the video) wasn’t created in Hollywood at the behest of govt? I will wait and see what happens, and I’m not going to worry about sci-fi weapons claims, and I will accept my death, if I’m wrong.

The Bundys are RIGHT and the Govt is WRONG. The Constitution clearly limits federal land ownership to dockyards, forts, munitions storage facilities (“magazines”) and necessary office buildings. No provisions whatever for National Forests, National Parks, BLM land, Wilderness Study Areas, World Heritage Sites etc. You can’t legally charge “rent” on property you don’t own…