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I agree, it’s fairly easy to sneak up close and personal on different types of small game and from that distance and with a little practice it “should be easy” to put some kind of meat on the table with a slingshot. If you take care of the rubber and carry extra setups (and take care of any metal and/or moving parts as with any piece of equipment) it should still serve you long after you run out of rounds for your hunting rifle. I think a small weapon like this, some snares, fishing equipment and the know-how of what you can eat and how you can get it should be included instead of MRE’s or emergency rations. What if the bug out scenario is me having to escape and travel by foot and survive for weeks or months in the wilderness? I know guys who left their homes during the Balkan wars and had to hide out with their families in cave systems in the mountains for over a year to avoid enemy forces and ethnic cleansing down in the villages, what should they have done with their three day supply of freezed dried food?

"Certainly We have created man to struggle" - Qur'an 90:4