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There’s many slingshots available commercially. I went for the Black Widows since they’re cheap in this part of Europe. There are even some semi-commercial “survival” models out there but alot of them are either overpriced and really just modifications of other brands. If you want a slingshot with optional arrow shooting capability without modification I hear the HFX Slingshot made by Chief A.J should be reliable. This thread is just about me converting a cheap Black Widow with cheap spare parts to test the performance of a DIY hunting slingshot.

For target shooting and small game hunting with bullets (balls) I’d look up PocketPredator, they make stuff by the order and charge next to nothing. They have one small fixed frame slingshot named the Hathcock Target Sniper and it’s cheap enough (like 34 bucks) to just check out. I heard great things about it when it comes to the ability to line up shots and get good consistent hit patterns. It’s made out of a stainless steel core covered in a ballistic fiber resin, much like some gun stocks and the forks have a special design that allows for usage with all kinds of bands (flats, tubes or squares depending on what you prefer or get your hands on).

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