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SharpDog, This is why this forum has so many areas. But even this area is important to all. I personally have not meet a Chinese here or in New York or in San Francisco that thinks that China has private property ownership that the government doesn’t own or a business that is not part owner. Maybe Anselm has only known Chinese that are part of the government and lie to him that yes they own whatever. I can tell you there is a very big reason why Google was not able to deal with the Chinese even if Google owners are left wing Dem.

I have purchased from China and can tell you not one has told me this news about any personal freedoms except if you are part of the government. Anselm you must had been dealing with communist and they will not let you know. This happens in Cuba too! They make everything look beautiful.

Communism is Dictatorship and there is only freedom as long as you do what you are told to do.

I personally tried to purchase with a partner a small business there and was told I had to have a Chinese partner so what do you think that Chinese partner is? A government partner is what that was.

I tried the same thing five years ago with a Cuban property and they told me yes no problem as long as I can find a Cuban living in Cuba as a partner, oh and they have to approve the partner!!! Make sure he is a good communist.

Communism is a lie.

This is a very important subject, because there are some communist that are making it seem that communism is better then what we have here. That is a big no!

I live in Miami were there are people from many communist countries and the ONLY people that talk good about communism are communist.