<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Ghost Prime wrote:</div>Whirlibird, the economists I read say the economic collapse is unavoidable by any means. It can be delayed to a point but there is only so much anyone can do given the reality of the total depbt which is far far more than $17 trillion. The total US debt including all unfunded liabilities is over $120 trillion. Worldwide, derivatives, which are essentially worthless paper, amount to another several hundred Trillion, much of which is held by US banks.

Add to that a growing group called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, & Spain) was established specifically to trade with each other using their currencies, not the US dollar. As that group grows, it will put increasing pressure on the dollar which will apply greater pressure for a collapse. Add to that that some countries are already trading oil in their currencies which is another huge negative pressure on the dollar.

On top of all that, collapsing the dollar is a requirement of the globalist criminals who want to force their NWO on the entire world. Added together, the combined forces pushing for the collapse of the dollar seems, in the viewpoint of the economists I read (like Porter Stansberry) to make the collapse inevitable with no way to stop it.

As for the timing, that is beyond anyone’s control though it seems likely it will be sooner rather than later as the globalists also realize there is a growing movement here in America to put an end to the corruption in America by ending the government/multinational corporations/media oligarchy who are pushing the country to collapse. Of course Ovomit wants to remain dictator for life so from that perspective, the collapse must take place before he leaves office or his dictatorship will be over as he will be replaced by a new wanna be dictator by TPTB.

Who knows for sure but I am betting that the contrarian economists like Stansberry and many others are correct and that the collapse will be sooner rather then later.

Not denying a collapse, just the rapidity and style of such a collapse.

The places that have collapsed, even with the collapse of the economies, the money being worth nothing, keep plugging along.

Germany in late WWII, people kept going.
Argentina in the early 2000’s, people kept going.
South Africa and zimbabwe, people keep going.

I am no economist and certainly no expert, but I can look at history and see correlations in the present.