I was just going to let this unfortunate turn in this post go and simply unsubscribe but I just need to say that, while the first half of the thread was fairly useful, focusing on survival tactics, stratagems, etc.) it has devolved into exactly the kind on erm …well, the kind of content that really only the participants want to read. Not really useful at all.

I don’t really need or care to know about the secrets that some can’t tell us about but assure us they do exist or how the gov’t is so powerful that ordinary folks will have no chance to survive. You can find that kind of content on hundreds or thousands of trash forums across the net.

For a forum associated with Selco, just such a survivor in an urban environment, this seems an odd turn of events for this thread.

I’m unsubscribing now from this thread and will go on to participate in more useful conversations on this forum. I do not intent to offend or insult anyone but I would like to weigh in on the side of useful suggestions, tactics, knowledge, etc and less posturing, arguing and self-aggrandizing.

Big Bears Don't Tree