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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>tweva wrote:</div>Anselm. Thank you for your posts here. I am aware of some of the tech our government can easily employ. Particularly the ‘sound-wave’. Witnessed a version being tested that made subjects deathly ill feeling – many years ago. And yes, Americans have lost the ability or will to stand-up – perhaps because now several generations have grown up never believing they must give a thought to their freedom.

So..what is the right tree? Would appreciate very much your insight there, should you care to take the time.

Thank you, Tweva.

There are actually several types of sound-wave weapons; and of other energy devices; and new ones are invented just about each week. Resistance is futile.

There ARE ways that people could counter this but only if they banded together. And this will not happen. The population is utterly self-centered. The only Americans who come together to actually do something are blacks, when they cooperate to form a flash-mob so as to loot a convenience store. That’s the sordid truth.

That said, there are ways to survive in solitude.

The most likely scenario has already started. Where I live, home invasions are common. As more people get starvation wages or none at all, they steal. Eventually, there will be generalized robbery coupled with arson out of sheer impotent rage. Yuppies in subdivisions will go down big time.

As the victims beg for the authorities to do something, the authorities definitely will. It will be the moment they have been waiting for. We can expect a full police state with no cosmetics.

And that’s where your own imagination and resourcefulness will come into effect.

Watch the movie “The Good Soldier Swejk” on YouTube, and you will get the idea of how to drag your feet, bungle things and be a total doofus. It’s exactly what black slaves did when they “forgot” their tools in the field. It drives the masters crazy that we are so stupid but … what can you do …

Watch “Farenheit 451″ and think that the goons can come not only for your how-to books but also your medicines, your tools, your fuel, your food and whatever else you may have hidden. Think of how you will counteract that. By the way, like the people in that movie, you CAN memorize a how-to book just like you can memorize a classic …

Watch “Soylent Green”, and realize that, if you work for them, you may have access to their homes and even to THEIR food and other goodies.

Watch “Fight Club”, and see how, even as a humble waitress, you can turn the tables on those creeps.

I hope the above is of some use.

And, for the record, I found it much, much easier to handle the local chapter of the Communist Party in China than I do here the local Homeowners’ Association. Has everyone forgotten that the homeowners’ thing is supposed to HELP homeowners? They appear to exist only for the continuous harassment of anybody who tries to grow an edible plant or build something of practical use. And neighbors will immediately report you to the Homeowners’ Association for the slightest positive thing that you do.

Let me know if I can be of any help.