This was said: There is nothing that all of the gun-brandishing crowd can do against such an arsenal.

Defeatist garbage, and completely untrue.

I’ve heard this nonsense my whole life… ‘The government has tanks and jet fighters. What are you gonna do with a rifle?” The above comment is just a warmed over rehash of this old canard… and it’s usually made by people who have no experience whatsoever in the use of arms or knowledge of insurgent warfare, especially and specifically 4G insurgent warfare…

We bent our military might against Iraq. Killed people by the hundreds of thousands. We left. They’re still there, their will unbroken. Same with Afghanistan. Those illiterate goat herds living in caves are still there.

They won. We didn’t.

Funny. Even with all the über-tech, cave-mapping death lasers and puke lights we’re supposed to have, it took us how many years to track down ONE GUY (OBL) and kill him (allegedly)? Still had to go up into the mountains of the Hindu Kush and scout caves by hand… why not just use an über-satellite to find the bad guys and fry them with an Orbital Ion Cannon?

Bottom line- if you counted everyone in the US Army – and I mean everyone from burger flippers to gas pumpers, Reserve and NG – they got maybe 1.5 million people, give or take a couple thousand. They still need boots on the ground to control that ground, and there is no way in hell they can control the entire continental United States… it’s too vast an area. We couldn’t even control two puny 2nd/3rd world countries with our entire military and everything they have at their disposal..

In fact, I would even venture an educated guess that with the amount of over-reliance on the tech we do have (drones, missiles on demand, etc) the quality of the fighting soldier has diminished by an equal amount.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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