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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>oldfatguy wrote:</div>Anselm, I think you’re underestimating a lot of people. None of us wants to “start the war”. None of us wants to get rounded up and culled out at the FEMA camps, either. Most of us are waiting to see what DOES happen vs what MIGHT happen. Unlike earlier times in the US, gunowners have deliberately armed themselves with paramilitary weaponry. The “shortage” of ammo in the marketplace has been caused by said gunowners buying up all they find, as fast as they find it. IF push really comes to shove, I think most of those gunwners will take out the first wave of the goons that come through their front doors. Sure, the second wave will likely take the gunowner out, but we must bear in mind that the goons are union members. When union members start dying on the job, unions go on strike. This happened in the 1990′s in California, after the “Assault Rifle” ban and registration requirement became law. LAPD went to gunshops and went “fishing” through the shops’ records looking for 4473′s of those individuals who purchased “assault” rifles. LAPD sent SWAT teams to many of those homes. In every raid, the gunowner was killed–but, so was at least one SWAT member–in some raids, more than one. LAPD curtailed the raids, and the police union went to the legislature and told the politicians that if they want those guns, to go and collect them, as the union members wouldn’t. Gun owners in Connecticut are already standing up–some 100,000 are refusing to register or divest, and many sheriff’s depts have stated they won’t enforce registration.

The situation with the Bundy’s in Nevada has also shown people standing up. So far, no one has had to start a war, just slap the overreaching hands of govt. The only way the darkest scenarios can ever play out is if the majority of guns are removed from society. I don’t think the fantasy of gun confiscation is going to go well for the powers that be, and if enough gunowners are slaughtered by union badges, you’ll see a lot of sniping of union badges by individuals smart enough to know you can’t engage the enemy in any traditional fashion, just hit and run, and center your attention on the actual union badges–follow them home from the station, snipe at them as they sit at traffic signals etc….

Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

Yes, what you say makes sense, but note the following.

I know that a lot of the gun-brandishing crowd has armed itself with serious material. Yet, it is essentially obsolete in the face of what the people who run this country can deploy. You will recall that, in a post on another part of this blog, several people were congratulating themselves at the lack of trolls here. I think their joy was premature. The reason there is no troll is that none is needed. As nearly everyone is barking up the wrong tree, why disrupt it?

Our rulers are delighted that people are scurrying to bury their armament and other supplies, all of which buried caches they can view from satellites. The weaponry our bosses can deploy include sound-wave devices that can, literally, make a man crap himself and lose all will to be active; yes, they do have a defecation-producing weapon. They can also simply show up at someone’s home in an armored vehicle, point a 40mm or 70mm cannon at the house and give the homeowner two minutes to surrender all his weapons or have his house leveled. From a drone, they can shoot a beam that slices through a person; they had the Israelis test it in Gaza in their previous assault, and the weapon successfully did the “Zorro” bit on numerous bodies, cutting them into three parts. There is nothing that all of the gun-brandishing crowd can do against such an arsenal.

As to the Bundy incident, I did not see any victory. First, I don’t know who was right, but here’s the main point. If Bundy was a thug, the cowboys had no business being there. If Bundy was right, the cowboys should have made citizens’ arrests of the cops, disarmed them and handcuffed them. The cowboys did NOTHING.

I have seen for years in the news that gunless people in European countries have rioted effectively against police with a courage unknown in the U.S. When assaulted by American-style cops in full riot gear, the common people have improvised armor and sturdy clubs, fought back and given many policemen broken ribs. When did you ever see Americans actually fight their own police?

That’s right. Me neither.

That’s why I’m convinced Americans will do nothing except brag about their guns and blow a lot of hot air. That’s Americans’ actual track record. And one doesn’t argue with experience.