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Ghost Prime, Great writing. I am with you on all your points. The bankers and the news media never talk about derivative debt. The derivative debt is what the bankers have stolen from all of us and the world. We do not know were all of that cash has gone. Maybe it’s in gold, silver and diamonds underground somewhere. The 17.5 T national debt is small potato’s compared to the derivative debt which is somewhere in the 120 T maybe more.

I also believe the collapse will happen before 2016. But O will have a very hard time keeping control of a dictatorship. O is not the best hardcore leader to be a dictator and there maybe someone that we do not know right now that will take over power.

We will not have much control over what will happen so what we need to do is prepare. In this forum we can help each other to teach each other how to prepare best. We also need to PM each other on anything that we can help or teach.

Hopefully this will give us an upper hand in the coming collapse and the SHTF which can go into a civil war.