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Bugging In

We have a large family with three under the age of 13, with six of our children still in the home. The amount of supplies that we would need to pack is burdensome at best, and we have no secondary location to go to that is “ours”. Though we live in a rural county surrounded by salt and freshwater, dense forests, and mountains, I can only assume that those bugging out, would head for the same places I would want to go. Egress is also an issue as we would be fundamentally landlocked due to living on a peninsula. Routes around bridges to leave the peninsula are primarily two lane “country roads” and would either be clogged with those fleeing toward the mountains, or blocked by those looting.


I live halfway up a hill overlooking a valley in an urban area with a population of roughly 35k. I walk and bike the area frequently, have maps and aerial photos, and have marked all local resources such as commercial buildings, stores and services they offer, even an active fuel depot that most people don’t even know exists, less than a mile away. I know every street, alley, cut through, short cut, dead end, hiding spot and elevation within a 15 block radius like the back of my hand. Due to the construction of my home and the elevation of my property, it is easily defensible, with several routes out if I need to, and offers me a concealed and elevated shooting platform with nearly 180 degrees of view. I have several neighbors that I have plans with to initiate defense of the neighborhood, which due to its layout, is a relatively easy task. We have three streets that actually feed into the area, and once those were secured, we would have roughly ten square blocks secured from movement with the exception of those that were in the containment area. We can lock it up pretty tight with little effort. Most people will either leave, perish due to medical related conditions, or become victims of violent crime. A group that would try to enter our domain would be making a tragic mistake.


A bicycle is my primary method of mobility for recon and security. Quick and quiet, they can be hidden nearly anywhere until needed, are able to negotiate the narrowest of openings and can easily negotiate obstacles whether ridden around or carried over them. I use a bike for security patrols on a 29+ acre school campus, mixed with woods and trails, and it is a very effective tool. It is also useful in ferrying supplies to and from, especially if scavenging. And it uses no fuel. It is easily repaired and maintained, parts can be easily scavenged, and with a handful of general tools, and a couple of specialized ones, there isn’t much that can’t be fixed. replaced or repaired on a bicycle.