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Hitler was a practitioner of exactly what you accused MalGus of, (leading*) thinking with emotion instead of logic and thought. But he still evokes the same response he did when alive, it seems. He spewed hate and violence, and you don’t even need to know german to see what he was like! The subtitled speeches really tell a lot, and actually, he used similar broad generalities and vague platitudes that Obama prefers today ;)

Thank you, UndeRGRond (and, sorry, I don’t know how to put the dots on the “o”). As I don’t speak German, I have never really understood how his oratory worked. I knew a man from southern Europe, who also knew no German, who told me that, during the war, he used to listen to Hitler for hours on the radio because it was so thrilling to hear him. I don’t think that the subtitles would convey the experience. There was something else — the choreography, the tone, who knows. All I understand is that Goebbels was an even greater orator so both never made speeches at the same gathering; it was always the one or the other.

I do not really agree that Hitler was a great speaker, I just believe he keyed in on the hatred of what Germany was subjected to after WW1.*
They had to abandon their world-leading aviation industry, as in powered flight, or airplanes. So they focused on GLIDERS and Airships, becoming more adept at airplane technology, due to the need to focus on everything BUT the engines and powered aspects. Once they told the “League of Nations” go pound sand, and started powered flight again, they were quickly back on top. But such sanctions against Germany actually seemed to make their resolve stronger, and Hitler fed this. He really took them over to the dark side. IMO his power as a speaker was most likely demonic-based. Use that as a metaphor or an actual spiritual application, whatever suits you.

As for “being part of the problem” I am willing to retract that, since it seems I missed something.
Part of what I have read seems to be you saying we can flourish in any system that is big and has wiggle room. With that I agree, but we need to try and save what is left before starting over in a more corrupt system where the opposition hold most of the cards.
(I guess you were trying to stay within the context of the original post)
As for myself, it is likely too late to disappear into the woodwork and re-emerge as a revolutionary after the tyrants have had their day in the sun! As I like to say,

BALLOTS, Not Bullets… but I’m Stocking Up!”

If 2014 does not rectify a few things, we are likely TOAST.
Even electing a “repubix” majority in the senate will not help if it is a bunch of RINOs under the “leadership” of the establishment.

*More Hitler Notes:
Hitler used timing and beat to reinforce his “points” and it seemed to me he was nearly always sounding angry. His timing allowed the message to sink in before he made the next reinforcing point.

If your euro friend could get something out of the speeches w/o knowing german, certainly one could gain more from hearing the same speech that was subtitled! But I did believe a message was conveyed even through a language barrier, it seemed that Hitler was keying in on an almost animalistic level of rage. The subtitles reinforced that to me.

Hitler’s own Nazi Party forced the demise of the Weimar German Deutsche Mark, then introduced the gold-backed Reich Mark, of which they were the main holders. The Nazis won the elections by huge margins, since they were successful in blaming the currency crash on the outgoing bunch of incompetents…

Appealing to the baser human emotions and desires is a huge key to manipulation, I have seen it with my own two eyes, and up close. But I never went down that path, thank goodness. I can see where these cult leaders derive their “power over others”. People ARE “sheep”, many of them wishing to led, instead of being independent. Not like most of us here @SHTF

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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