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MountainBiker, NO!!! It is like saying all white men will side together! Harry Reid is white and you will not want him on your side.

I see all Cubans, Nicaraguans and a 50% of Venezuelans standing with American interest. Here in Miami we see not that many Mexicans and the Cubans see them as left wing, maybe 1 in 10 is not. Brazilians, boy are they all left wing. Everyone Brazilian I have talked to is left wing.

So Miami is a hot bed for a civil war just here, we all know who they are. Cubans are more to the right conservative side, I would say 9 conservative to 1 left winger. The 1% left wing Cubans are some that have come in the last 10 years. These Cubans lived 30 to 40 years in Communism so they are more left wing. All the Cubans that came in 1961 to 1979 are right wing conservative and 99% are business people. The 1961 to 1979 Cubans know of the some group of left wing Cubans. Some of these left wing Cubans have turned right once they lived here and get together with the older Cubans. So not many left wing Cubans.

Now I am talking about South Florida. Texas, Arizona and New Mexico has a lot of Mexicans so you maybe right in though states.