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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>Anselm, I agree 100% with Malgus.<br>
In Communism you are NOT the owner of anything! I know this for a fact! In Cuba not only did my family lose all there properties but so did ALL the American and European Companies. Now if you want to own anything the government needs to be your partner and own the larger percent of that property. PLEASE China does the same thing, I and my wife have friend here that are Chinese and they have to send back 50% ot what they make here if not they will not be able to go back to China to see there family.

So if you like it so much PLEASE go live there. Communism is a lie! just like O is a lier.

Freedom, this has nothing to do with Cuba. Please check out the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONAIRES in China today. They absolutely do own their property. Some even have their own harbor.