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Malgus, you are confusing things which are not the same. It is absolutely true that there is no private ownership of farmland in China; it is leased for 99 years, usually for a nominal fee, with option to renew. There IS private ownership of buildings, the condos and houses in which most people live, of cars and businesses and millions of other things. You are wrong that there is no private property under Communism; there is and plenty. When I lived there, two decades ago, the average 50-year-old Chinese owned his home free and clear and had the equivalent of US$ 6,000 in the bank. Both then and today the average 50-year-old American doesn’t own ****; he’s desperate paying off a mortgage, if it hasn’t been foreclosed on already, and he has nothing in the bank other than credit card debt. Today, all the Chinese I know have paid off their homes at ages 35 to 40 and have a lot more in the bank than their parents did then.

I am not singing the praises of Communism, just pointing out some very important things in China which were then very good and which, today, are even better. I could just as easily talk about things that are bad, but it is not the bad things I am talking about; I am specifically considering the good. The hatred that you have been bred in blinds you to perceiving rationally good traits which do exist in those you hate. I have long said that most people do not think in reason; they think in feelings. Paul Craig Roberts, the most intelligent writer among the truly great American patriots out there stated the same thing recently: that Americans’ thought now is not fact-based but emotion-based.

As a parallel example, incidentally, I have never been able to sit down with anyone to analyze what exactly made Hitler so great an orator as he was; people have been conditioned to be so allergic to that man that, on cue, the moment you say “Hitler”, they start frothing at the mouth spewing hatred.

You and I are both living inside a police state at this moment. You absolutely do not know what Communism and Socialism are, and you do not know what you are going to do when the goons show up to disarm you. This is not supposition on my part; rather, it is based on your track record and on the track record of the whole gun crowd that is “going to do this and going to do that”. The fact is, there have been plenty of occasions when you should have done it already, and you did not do it. This is a material fact. Americans rebelled just once, in 1860, and they got stomped on. Since then, AMERICANS NEVER REBEL. That is no opinion of mine but a historical fact. The Carpetbaggers that robbed the South after the war were an outrage; no one rebelled. The Depression of the 1870’s was an outrage; no one rebelled. The lies told, then as now, to go to war in 1898 were an outrage; no one rebelled. The treatment of veterans in 1898 — thousands died in New York and North Carolina barracks after the war — was an outrage; no one rebelled. President Wilson lied in his teeth to get elected and, again, to go into World War I; no one rebelled. The veterans, desperate and starving, who gathered in Washington D.C. to claim the money the government owed them were assaulted by the cavalry under General Douglas MacArthur; no one rebelled. The Great Depression was provoked, not dealt with, and the entry into World War II was engineered; no one rebelled. Need I go on? Today, the behavior of the police is an obscenity, and the great financiers have benefitted from the greatest robbery of the American people in history, and NO ONE REBELS. Psychiatrists have the axiom “Past behavior predicates future behavior.” So I am confident that the American people will never rebel. Just look at it: no matter how badly treated, since 1865, they never have. So you, Malgus, and all the bloggers like you, will do nothing; otherwise, you would have already. Katrina was a trial run; the Government checked out what the people would do; the people did NOTHING. Therefore, I think it sensible to believe that the people will continue to do NOTHING.