I won’t get windy on this or too involved, but you are essentially correct…

While it is true that our right to own firearms has been written into our Constitution, that is on the edge of the cliff, so to speak. Since the early 1930′s, efforts have been made – constantly – to limit or outright nullify that right. 1934, 1968, 1989, 1991… all these years have one thing in common – they are all years where our own government has tried to either outlaw firearms or tax them into nonexistence. Back in the 1920′s, it was a very different story. A man could own whatever his heart desired. Literally.

Now, thanks to nonstop attacks from the Left (and some from the right), what we have left is tenuous, at best. Our gun police – the BATF (also known as “F Troop” or “BAT-****”) – have constantly reinterpreted their own regulations for the sole purpose of denying the free citizens of this country their rights. Owners of firearms have been demonized in the press – are demonized – on a daily basis.

It goes way deeper than that, but think of it this way:

On one side, you have gun owners and the Constitution.

On the other, there’s an alliance of the anti-gun Press, various anti-gun groups, anti-gun Senators and Congressmen, anti-gun Billionaires like Bloomberg, Soros, even the current President… our opponents are many, they are well-funded, they are well-connected and they DO NOT go away or give up… they keep hammering at us, nonstop. They lie, they cheat, they obfuscate, they even completely make **** up just to try and sway public opinion against us. It is even widely suspected that certain high-profile killings have been false flags engineered by our own government as an excuse to take our firearms away – or at least legislate them out of existence… “Gunrunner” being only one example.

So, we sort of have the right to own firearms… for now…

Yep, I understand that there is “movement” that trying simply to “demonize” possession of firearms, to somehow prove to the folks that “no guns mean no problems”.

But I think it not gonna work simply because yo have LONG tradition of what I call RIGHT to that (protection, owning weapon etc.)
It is became your right long time ago, and I think there is no some way to take that from you without huge mess.

You see one of the reasons why I have gone trough hell is fact that for years they told us that we (common folks, civilians) do not need to be armed, because there are law to protect us, government, our military and all that. And when SHTF people simply were unarmed, great majority.

You are in advantage there.