As I understand it, folks in US are in advantage when it comes to what they have RIGHT, so that is very good, for example when it comes to personal freedoms, to your right to own (different) firearms etc.

For example owning reloading machine, and “producing” your own ammo is science fiction here, it is illegal, I can not have it, can not import reloading machine, or make it. If I somehow able to obtain it and they (law) got me I think I would end up as a some kind of terrorist and illegal weapon seller (very bad).

It is example only, but what I am trying to say, you have RIGHT on some things that I never gonna have here, so clearly when it comes to preparing and owning some stuff you are in huge advantage.

On the other side, I here (like other folks around me) am aware that rights do not mean to much, one day they are here, next day no rules, no rights.

So if you understand me, just try to not be too much “numbed” with what you can do today, it may not last forever. Perfect reason for being prepared.