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We saw a picture of the woman who stole my debit card the day before the Super Bowl one year, and we spotted her and turned her ass in! We told the bank :D

They cleaned out my account, used the card at 5 liquor stores, 3 gas stations and 2 grocery stores. There was maybe $2 left…
Since I turned in the card as “stolen or lost” the bank froze the account against NSF charges, etc. and returned all my money. They had me and my wife come in to “ID” the perp. I asked if actually they were ruling us out, and they said yes, that was why they had both of us come in. This woman was very distinctive looking, tall, big boned, and a unique face. I saw her on the porch of a house 1/2 a block down from the last place I used the card, which was a gas station.
I had put the card in my jacket pocket and either dropped it or was pick-pocketed. Not sure which, but I turned it is ASAP but they still drained the account just that quick. They only had a few hours, tops.

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