Well, that’s just creepy… handprints just don’t magically show up on panes of glass behind your house…

Definitely notify the cops. Then I would permanently shut the windows – get a bag of drywall screws and a drill and screw the windows shut. It won’t stop them, but give them nothing for free. If they have to bust out the glass, here’s hoping they cut the **** out of themselves getting in… Then go over to your nearest big box store and get motion activated lights. I would go one better and then stop by someplace like Dick’s Sporting Goods and buy a few Bushnell trail cameras – place them around your property at likely places of entry onto your property. Also point one or two at the back of your house from different angles. They’re low light sensitive and have an IR flash. Most can shoot video, too. If you can’t stop them, then you can get their pictures/license plate numbers and nail them after the fact.

We had a series of robberies around here. The pieces of crap like driving around and breaking into people’s barns, stealing tools, air compressors, saddles, tack, anything they can sell to support their pill or meth habit. I bought three Bushnell trail cameras in Realtree camo. 6 megapixel. Extended range IR. Ended up pointing one at the entrance to my barn, one inside the barn pointing outwards and one up in a tree on my property pointing at the entrance to my neighbor’s barn. No way anyone can get them all, unless they watched me put them up – and I doubt that happened.

I might not be able to stop them, but I can get their faces and hunt their asses down…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1