OK, I for one am the ‘pry the guns from my cold dead hands type’, it seems to me there is no real consensus of what may or may not happen in SHTF. I think I can shed some light on this by describing my situation. I am in a suburban situation and don’t anticipate any type of bug out happening. This is because, likely, any sort of SHTF situation will happen gradually and also any type of BOL will be compromised by the gradual nature of the SHTF.

To Wit: Those in a rural environment should prepare as such, those in an urban should prepare as such and those in the suburbs should prepare as such.

For my situation, I’m adopting a strong component of physical, non-electronic, security (e.g. Dogs, strong barriers, locks, etc.) as well as a mix of strong modern security (cameras, electronic sensors, etc).

In any circumstance, one should be well armed, well-fed, have plenty of water and medical supplies.

The topics of friends, barter, etc. will apply to rural, suburban or city situations.

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