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You’re right. My main point is that, within the city or right next to it, you can camouflage your food supply, for example, by growing it either entirely indoors or outdoors in AMORPHOUS order, never, as you correctly point out, in long furrows. It’s very easy to have carrot, mustard, collard or turnip greens among the rest of your official lawn and backyard vegetation, and to have some cattails growing at a little pond in your backyard.

If asked, you can bullshit neighbors, cops or whomever with the cattails being your form of expressing your sense of Feng Shui for the proper Zen harmony of your garden, that the reeds ascending to heaven and waving in the breeze yadda, yadda, yadda. Plus most people don’t even know that cattails are edible and very nutritious … If one of your trees is knocked down by a storm, you can use its rootball in particular as a trellis for tomatoes or any other vine plant growing on the FAR side, away from the street. If you have anywhere from half an acre to three acres, it’s easy to grow one melon here, one pumpkin there … Should anyone chance upon it, you feign surprise: “Whaddya know! Wind must have brought the seed, and I never even noticed! I’m gonna eat it right now. YOU WANT A PIECE?”

Very important, that last part …

It also helps, if neighborhood norms allow it, to have a beat-up old pickup in front of the house with the hood up and the seat missing and the house itself in a pathetic state of “unpainting”. If the neighborhood is, unfortunately, a subdivision, make sure you’re in the middle of a row of houses and that yours looks just like everybody else’s but a little poorer; then, camouflage in plain sight.