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That’s getting interesting, eventually I’m starting to see some liberal logic in all of this :-) As some people used to say, liberalism is the greatest enemy of American Blacks (not that conservatives are any better – who “imported” those miserable humans here, in the first place?).

My guess is, “they” will start some kind of civil war, with substantial racial element to it, and currently they are still missing an effective and ruthless counterbalance to local Blacks (apparently, Haitians do not want to fight local Blacks..) Low-class Latinos from south of the border will probably play that role.

Very, very interesting. Exciting, I’d dare to say, would I not be afraid so much :-)))

P.S. Stupid liberal “whities” from mixed neighborhoods will probably get what they deserve too, but that will come as a nice and unexpected bonus. Let’s watch Californian white trash turning properly “rayciss” in the process :-)