I had time to think about this overnight…

This is being engineered. I think what we’re seeing is a small piece of a larger puzzle. Cloward-Piven writ large..


Step 1: Get as many Americans on welfare as possible. Really bulk up the ranks of the Free **** Army – the goal is for the parasites to outnumber the producers. Make them dependent on the Government for their daily bread. Spend as much fiat currency as you can doing this, really max out that Platinum Card. Make sure there’s no way in hell you can hope to pay any of this back.

Step 2: When the House and Senate are controlled by the Left and the right puppet is in the White House, ram through socialized health care. To hell with the fallout. Obamacare anyone?

Step 3: Encourage or facilitate hundreds of thousands of illegals to cross the border. Send Agents Provocateur as far south as Honduras and encourage even more to invade the US. Forbid deportations. Get the church on board to help hide them. Issue gag orders. No talking to the press (which wouldn’t matter anyways. The “press” is a virtual 5th column for the current administration… just the media wing of the Demon-crap party… anything they would say would be supportive of the actions of the administration anyway).

Step 4: Release multiples of thousands of illegals from jail – a good percentage violent criminals (rapists, murderers, gang-bangers, paedophiles, drug dealers, etc) – into to the population for no discernible reason. Lose track of them on purpose.

Step 5: Human waves of illegals (300,000 since April… ) will overload the system, bring in scores of different diseases we aren’t prepared to handle, sow mayhem and discord, further minimize and marginalize Americans. Make sure you give them a cursory “check” by “doctors”, but don’t give them enough time or resources to detect anything important. This is to cover your ass in case one brings in some Super-Crud that kills thousands… that way you can claim you did your part. The sheeple will buy off on the soundbite.

Step 6: Initiate a False Flag event to further destabilize the system and push it past the point of no return.

Step 7: System crashes. Use that as excuse to grab total power and institute whatever you want in place of the old system…

I know Steps 6 and 7 haven’t happened yet. And I also know that some folks will sniff and say that this doesn’t pass the smell test…

But I urge you to look at history. The ideological ancestors of our present day agitating, traitorous, leftist pieces of crap are the Fabians.

For those of you to whom the Fabians are an unknown: The Fabians were a group of leftist traitorous pukes in England back at the end of the Late Great 19th Century. They wanted to turn England from a Monarchy to a Socialist country. They were traitorous pieces of garbage, but they weren’t stupid. They knew damn well that if they went up in front of Parliament and proposed everything they wanted to change at once, they’d be stood up against the nearest handy brick wall and shot dead for treason.

So, they embarked on a path of what is now known as “Incrementalism”. Eat the elephant a bite at a time. This strategy takes decades, lifetimes even. The original Fabians knew they wouldn’t live to see their dream realized, but as long as their acolytes followed the scheme, they would succeed.

Wrapping their insane policies in phrases like “common sense legislation” and “reasonable legislation” (where have you heard THAT **** before?) they painted their adversaries as not having common sense and being unreasonable

It took them 40 years, but England eventually became Socialist. Call it whatever euphemism you want if it helps you sleep at night, but it’s a socialist state with a titular, cardboard monarch at the head… by WWII, England had been so emasculated and disarmed, Churchill himself came to the US with his hat in his hand – begging the free peoples of the US to donate any privately owned firearms they could spare for the defense of the tiny island… and the free peoples of the West responded – shiploads of privately owned American weapons were sent to England so they could use them in place of the weapons they gave up…

(If anyone is wondering, out of all those shiploads of privately owned weapons loaned to the English (note the word “loaned”), exactly one made it back to its original owner. And only then because the guy carved his name, address and a plea for it to be returned into the stock of the rifle… the rest were unceremoniously rounded up and dumped into the sea… Thanks England… )

It has only gotten worse since then.

But this tale of woe is paralleled here in the US, with the rise of our own homegrown groups of traitorous pieces of crap, starting back generations ago…

This has been a long, long time in coming… and it is my belief that when TSHTF, there’s gonna be more than just survival on the line. I think it will be time to pick a side and cowboy up… but that’s a subject for another day…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1