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I suspect that when the economy crashes, there will be riots. I’ve lived in two cities that had them during the 1960’s (race riot) and early 1970’s (anti-war riot). Businesses were burned and looted, anyone seen on the street who didn’t look like the rioters were beaten or raped, sometimes killed. In the case of the race riot, rioters went to residential neighborhoods of the “enemy” race, and molotov cocktails were thrown through windows. A crashed economy resulting in bouncing EBT cards will likely lead to race riots–with anyone resembling a “tea party” member being slated for destruction. After the riots quiet down, the city–those areas not burned to a crisp–might be a safe alternative. A farmer–with huge cultivated fields–will be easily found and robbed by TPTB, a little homesteader, with a less organized garden planted amid trees and, camouflaged by a lack of long furrows may never be noticed, if far enough off the main roads…