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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>oldfatguy wrote:</div>You probably won’t believe this, but the reason they’re forcing you into cities IS to control your access to food and water–don’t want you growing, catching or hunting any food on your own. If you accept a microchip that will “identify” you, and can be linked to your bank account for purchases of food, water and other necessities, you’ll find yourself always fed. Refuse that chip, and you’ll be persecuted, and starved.

You’re perfectly right. But look at the facts on the ground. They WILL force everyone off rural land, so you WILL be in the city regardless of whatever. That’s why your best bet is to head for the city directly, if you’re not already in it, and organize your survival there. By the time the grumbling, cussing, babbling “homesteaders” are dragged in — tagged for life as troublemakers — you can have your own system worked out.

Already, there are several ways to deal with being chipped — or vaccinated. As you’re obviously smart, you can easily figure them out. Note that the ones who make the biggest ruckus over “Communism”, “Socialism” and the like don’t have the foggiest notion of what Communism and Socialism actually are. I lived under both and found it not hard to set up a “modus vivendi”. When I was in Taiwan, there was terror in the population that the mainland Communists would soon take them over, and they were all paranoid to flee to the U.S. Then, many who did get here saw that the U.S. absolutely stank in terms of jobs and other matters and went back to Taiwan to live much better than they ever would here. As for me, I moved to “ferocious mainland China” and checked out Communism from the inside. I found that, so long as you respected two taboos, you could do pretty much whatever you pleased; and there was none of the racial discrimination which, as a white man, I had suffered in Taiwan. Under Communism, there was actually racial and sexual equality all over the People’s Republic. There was also NO PROPERTY TAX. The Chinese, Communist and all, respect property, which the U.S. Govt. does not. And you could do what you pleased with your stuff; there was no Neighborhood ******** Association, as there is in U.S. subdivisions, bullying you to forbid you to do whatever. Medicine and education were nearly free, and their quality acceptable. Food was abundant and much better quality than in the U.S. Once I learned how to deal with their bureaucracy, life there was a piece of cake.

As to Socialism, in the countries in which it has been implanted, it’s thanks to it that people have retirement pensions, assistance to the unemployed, serious maternity leave, paid vacations for everybody, and free or nearly free education and medicine. If the American public knew what it is missing, it would be green with envy.

Keep in mind that, even if the powers that be check your bank account, etc. there will always be a black market in which something you were forced to buy can be traded for something you actually want. Right here and now, for example, thousands of people trade their food stamps for liquor. There are always holes in the system.

If you’re old, you’re resourceful. So long as you actually want to, you will survive.